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Adventures in Dog Radiation Therapy

My dog got cancer. Here is how radiation went.

Adventures in Dog Radiation Therapy

Same dog

July 11th, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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In between Buster’s amputation and our “move” out to Virginia for radiation, I gave Buster one day at daycare to say hi to his buddies there as his new three legged self.  He’s gone to the same daycare for nearly 8 years because he’s spoiled rotten.  I was nervous about how he’d do, but when I picked him up at the end of the day and asked how he did, what I got was, “Same dog!”

He did just fine.

He’s still doing fine even going through radiation, at least so far.  This morning was Session #6.  When I brought him back to the farm after he was done so I could get logged in and get to work on my laptop, he did more whining than usual, and seemed uncomfortable for a while.  But I gave him a few good short walks and then one longer one where I let him off leash and threw his tennis ball for him.  It was the first time I’d done real off-leash-fetch with him in a while since I don’t have a big yard at home.  And he did great.  He ran.  He wagged his tail and did a play pose to make me chase him.  He had a good afternoon.

Same dog.

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3 Comments so far ↓

  • benny55

    SAME FOG realky sums up this journey very well!! Their resiliency is quite admirable! They teach us so much on this journey.

    Sorry he jad a little vit of not feeling so well. Im sure you’re keeping the Bet in the loop amd they’ll make any adjustments if necessary.

    Vut hearing how delighted he was yo play with his ball made everything all better…for you both!

    He really is staying in quite a beautiful place
    If ypu jave to be away from home, that’s a good second home!

    Tha ks for the update! It’s a good one!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!.

  • jerry

    Now THAT is livin’ a great life. And the kids at daycare? Well no doubt they were amazed!

    I remember when we took our Jerry back to his favorite doggy day care. We were SO nervous but he did great! More tired when it was over, but thrilled to be back in his game. We breathed such a sigh of relief.

    We love following Buster’s journey, thank you for sharing all of it.

    • ellober2

      Thank you! Glad you had a successful trip back to daycare too. It is so great when pieces of the old routine fall back into place.

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