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Adventures in Dog Radiation Therapy

My dog got cancer. Here is how radiation went.

Adventures in Dog Radiation Therapy

Two weeks later…

August 9th, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Two weeks past the end of Buster’s radiation treatments and he is doing great. While he has had some intermittent continuing intestinal upsets, largely manifesting as overnight diarrhea, that’s hasn’t happened in about 4 days now. His energy has never really flagged. And best of all, he has had almost no radiation burn. He developed about a pencil eraser sized sore over the weekend, and now it is basically gone. He’s back in daycare and I am now optimistic he may have been very lucky in not having many radiation side effects.  He will have his checkup with the radiation oncologist next week, and he may then be clear to start chemo. Hoping for continued luck!

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  • benny55

    I could look at pictures of Buster all day long and never stop smiling!!

  • benny55

    Oops! Hit submit as I was trying to hit a smiley face
    There is a lot of Warrior in that little dog! It really is astonishing how he has sailed through all that radiation with virtually no side effects. I do hope the diarrhea is over and done now.

    So what’s the plan for possible chemo? You and Buster really are on quite an jnteresring treatment path we don’t see often around here.
    Thnak you again for sharing this “adventure” with us!

    Extra hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • jerry

    You are the picture of pawfect health, Buster! Each time we see a new photo you look better and better. Now when somepawdy is worried about radiation therapy, I have your handsome self as a role model to show them.

    YAY for no more upset belly or side effects!

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